Corse tra cani, un business in declino

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With the ban on dog racing in many European countries and beyond, the dog racing business is slowly sinking towards an irreversible chasm. Fortunately, we must add. as it should not be something that brings anyone entertainment – unlike football which is joyful and which many people bet on  

Dog racing was a thriving business until the end of the 20th century. Legal races were organized in numerous public and private facilities, a bit like it still happens today for horse racing.

Unlike racing with horses, the world of dog racing has always been less attentive to the needs of the animals themselves and the increase in attention to animal rights has led to the highlighting of its criticalities, which have then led to the decline and the outlawing.

It is true that even in races between horses deplorable events occur, but in the parallel one in which the protagonists are dogs, mistreatment is much more widespread and on the agenda. Among the causes of this gap, there is perhaps the greatest number of newborns from each litter: a mare can procreate only one foal at a time, while the bitch can also give birth to 8 or 10 puppies. It is clear that this overpopulation on the one hand means that it is much easier to replace non-winning dogs and on the other hand causes a worsening of their living conditions.

More rights, less business

All these considerations have led over the years to a greater awareness of the fact that in the world of dog racing, the rights of dogs were completely trampled on and exclusively in favor of money. For this reason, many countries, including Italy, have decided to permanently close the track and to prohibit racing between specimens of man’s best friend.

This has obviously caused a sharp decrease in the turnover linked to the bet, in some cases making it disappear completely.

Animal welfare associations have been able to enjoy this, but they continue to fight to try to protect dogs in countries where this phenomenon is still alive and legal.

Dog racing today

Today the world of dog racing is divided into two: that of illegal racing and that of legal racing. Both situations give the associations fighting for the defense of dogs a hard time. One of the major problems, for example, is the abandonment of specimens that can no longer run, because they are injured, old or do not get the expected results.

This phenomenon is sadly known in countries like Spain or the United Arab Emirates, where the Greggi Galgo in the first case and the Salukihounds in the second, are innocent victims of an activity conceived by man without taking into account its terrible consequences.

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